Pacific Rim Business Consultants (PRBC)

Put the Power of 40+ Years of Small Business Experience to Work For You!

Specializing In Business Brokerage, Merger & Acquisitions, Valuations, Investments, Financing & Consulting

Why not "Enjoy our Island Paradise" and make money at the same time? PRBC can help you "find the way" to any business that suits your fancy, even franchise opportunities! No matter which of our beautiful islands you choose. We have the knowledge to get you there.

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Whether you want to "Buy a Business, Sell a Business, Merge a Business or Value a Business" you have found the right company, no matter your location.

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Our extensive associations with Local & Global Markets, means we understand how to "Market Your Business Locally, Nationally and internationally!" No matter where you are located in Hawaii we understand your market and know how to connect you to the "solution"... locally, to the Mainland or Internationally.

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Why Us?

Plain and Simple! We have 40+ years of experience buying, selling, valuing, consulting and working with Small, Medium and Large Businesses

Your Business other than your family and loved ones in the most important thing in your life! We understand this and make sure that your updated and informed as to what is going on at all times.

Getting ready to sell your business, buy a business or solve a business problem are very important processes that need to be done correctly. We make it much easier than ever before.

We are not only your coach we are your Business Friend… all through this process. You can rely on us to keep the process organized and pointed in the right direction at all times.

Whether you want to sell, buy, value, merge or manage your way through an important issue you are now facing, you will find PRBC there when you need us!

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.